What's in a Funeral?

Balloon Releases

Balloon releases have become popular to celebrate a life and symbolise letting go of a passed loved one. Balloon releases are seen as an outlet for the spirit to carry on. At the end of a ceremony, it is a marvellous gesture to create an angelic and charming display. 

You should note if you choose to do a balloon release that there are laws set in place to protect our environment from over pollution from litter. In NSW it is seen as a pollution to release 20 or more balloons. As long as you keep it to 19 or fewer balloons you can create an awe-inspiring presentation to help friends and family heal with the loss of a loved one. Using biodegradable balloons are a good idea to be even more environmentally friendly. 

To make this event special gather the friends and family of the deceased and release 19 balloons with the colour or colours of your choosing. Once you pick the colours of balloons you can also choose your location. This location can be symbolic to the passed loved one or it can also be just an enjoyable spot to watch the balloons take off into the sky. By gathering with friends and family to do something together in honour of your loved one it can help start the healing process for everyone.