What's in a Funeral?

Dove Release

Make a funeral or memorial service special with an extra touch of peace and love. Dove releases can be the perfect ending to a funeral and a symbolic start to letting go of a passed loved one’s spirit. With the help of White Doves R Us Ian J. Arthur & Sons can give your loved one a beautiful ending to their service. A dove release is environmentally friendly and a marvellous display of love.

White Doves R Us does a gorgeous job with the dove display with numerous different funeral packages to choose from. Each dove release package includes having a flight attendant specialist that will be present for the flight of the doves. The doves are trained to be released and to return to their home which makes for a breathtaking display.

Some of the possible packages that are available through White Doves R Us are: 

 Solitary Dove Release where one dove is released from a wicker basket or from the hands of a loved one. Usually after the graveside service or cremation service. 

The Classic Release where one dove is on display in a marvellous flower decorated cage. After the funeral service, the dove is released from the cage or from the hands of a loved one. 

White Dove Trinity where 4 doves are kept in 4 exquisite cages. First, three doves are released to represent the Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The last dove is then released to represent the passed loved one. After the fourth dove is released the four doves will fly away together. 

Flock of Angels where three to twelve doves are released as white angels. 

Dove salute is great for veterans where a flock of doves is released from a basket and join in the sky and fly away together. 

The multiple options are to help you personalise the ceremony and really give something that your loved one would have wanted. With the help of White Doves R Us here in Sydney, you can really make a special ceremony a reality. For more information on White Doves R Us click here.