The Funeral Process

Friendly Funeral Guy Podcast – Coming Soon

I’m excited to share with you my podcast series which will be released over 7 fortnights starting next Tuesday 7 May.

Thank you!

I also want to give a big shout out to my two awesome interns without whom this would not have been possible.  Vicki Beaulieu did all the setup work to plan the podcasts, book the guests, prep the guests, coordinate recording dates and times and helped us on the days of recording with scripting and questions.  Caleb Shalaby spent many hours working on editing the audio when in post production we changed the format from 4 longer podcasts to 7 shorter episodes.  Caleb got rid of um’s and ah’s and helped us with re-recording introductions etc. and got everything ready for release.  Thank you both.  I have appreciated your efforts enormously!!!

[Transcript of Promo Video]

Have you ever wondered why people plan for months or even years for a wedding but for the funeral of a person they love they leave it to the last few days? G’day I’m Chris Cullen the Friendly Funeral Guy and in this series of seven podcasts we’re going to be opening up the funeral industry which for too long has been a closed shop. We want to give people information so that they can make better decisions so that they can have peace of mind and have a beautiful funeral for the person they love.