Costs and Value in Funerals

The Value in High Quality Service for Funeral Services

What does high quality service mean to you? Just like in any other type of business, a funeral director should be held at the same standard if not a higher standard than other services you deal with on a day to day basis. Doing a fair amount of research on who your funeral director is and their experience can help you get exactly what your loved one would have wanted. Your suitable director will be available around the clock seven days a week to assist you in any decision making that you are unsure of. 

There is a great deal of grief when dealing with a loss of a loved one.  Having an experienced and knowledgeable funeral director can ease a great deal of stress in the passing of a friend or family member. Your top choice director will add value to your funeral plans in numerous ways because of their expertise in the field. High quality service is noticeable with good funeral directors as they will go above and beyond to try to please you and your family by using their experience to genuinely help you with your decisions. A top director will come to you to meet so that you will not be burdened with travel during your time of mourning. 

In this blog post I will give four examples of how a professional funeral director can add value to your loved one’s ceremony. These value examples will separate a great funeral director from a funeral director that isn’t going to put their full efforts into helping your family with what you need.

Takes the time to understand your financial situation

A great funeral director will take the time to understand if you are going through a difficult financial period. If you are going through money struggles and they know that, your prospective funeral director should be suggesting different options that will be affordable for you to honour your friend or family member. A good funeral director will help you to stay on budget and make sure that you can financially handle the load you are taking on. The expert director will always bring forth ideas that will save you some money if you are in this position.

Will not make you pay for unnecessary services

Some funeral directors will sell you things that you don’t need such as a dual service. If your loved one wanted to be cremated often times a funeral director may see this as an opportunity to get you to pay a dual service fee by having a service at a place of worship followed by a committal service at the crematorium. The top director will not suggest having two ceremonies and will be transparent with you about the difference in costing between a single service fee and a dual service fee.  Instead of making you have a ceremony at a church and one at a crematorium it would be more affordable to just have one service at either the crematorium or the ceremony spot of your picking rather than two places. This way you get to say goodbye to your loved one without incurring unnecessary expense. 

Will make good suggestions you may have never heard about

The value that a great funeral director will bring forward would be telling you about different options that will enhance the funeral memorial for your loved one. Dove releases and other types of personalised extras can provide a more meaningful element to your loved one’s ceremony. If your loved one was apart of the Australian military they might have also wanted to have an RSL representative (Returned and Services League of Australia) make a few statements on their behalf for their services in the military. These extras, along with many others can be suggested by a great funeral director who is trying to offer the most value for your loved one’s ceremony. 


Picking a funeral director should be done at a pace that is right for you. You should take the time to make sure that you are confident with the funeral director you have chosen before going ahead. Your top picked funeral director will be one who understands your feelings and sorrow. You should never feel rushed, although it is important to do right by your loved one by properly taking care of their services with the best possible funeral director. Everyone deals with grief in their own way so you should never feel pressured to move on faster than you can. The funeral director that is the best fit for you will always make sure that you take the time needed to ensure a good head space for decision making. Your choice director will be the one that takes the time to understand your story and your feelings. 


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