What's in a Funeral?

Tibet Sky Burial

Sky burials are unlike anything in this world. The ritual is closely related to the Tibetan ideals of Buddhism. It is their belief that if the body is given back to the earth that it will rid the body of any sin and their soul will go on to a peaceful “paradise” afterlife. They give the body to nature by letting
vultures eat the corpse. 


Tibet Vista posted an article on the Tibetan Sky Burial that says that after a death the deceased is cradled in a white cloth and then the wrapped person will be kept in the corner of their house for about five days. During this time numerous monk and or lama come “to read the scripture aloud so that the souls can be released from purgatory” (Sang, Tibet Vista).


After these traditions have taken place the family members will pick a day to take the clothes off of their family member and put the body into the fetal position where they have their knees and their head touching. They then bring the corpse to the mountains at dawn and they burn ‘Su’ to appeal to vultures. Lamas go up with the deceased and chant to rid of any sins. The vultures eating the corpse is seen as a great thing, as the body is used in nature (Sang, Tibet Vista).   


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