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Transparency and Funeral Pricing

Transparency – A Vital Element for Trust in a Funeral Director

One of the biggest fears of those arranging a funeral for a loved one is being taken advantage of at a time of grief. Transparency is very important and at Ian J. Arthur & Sons we provide itemised billing at the time of arrangement which gives peace of mind on what the full list of charges will be.

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Chris is the Eastern Suburbs Area Manager for Ian J. Arthur & Sons.


One of the greatest fears that people have when it comes to engaging a funeral director is that they might be taken advantage of in their time of grief.

At Ian J. Arthur and Sons we believe that transparency is really important in our billing.  So what we do is we provide families with an itemised bill at the time of the arrangement so that they know what the funeral will cost.

Of course there can be differences in pricing because different choices that you make will affect the cost of the funeral. But you’ll know exactly where the cost is going so that you can feel peace of mind about what you’re being charged.

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