My Life as a Funeral Director

Why the Friendly Funeral Guy?

Why am I the Friendly Funeral Guy®?

Lots of people are curious about what it is like to be a funeral director.  They often assume that it is emotionally difficult, perhaps even depressing to be around grieving people on a daily basis.  In actual fact I enjoy being a funeral director.  No, I’m not some sort of weird, macabre person.  And yes, there can be sad moments, when the grief that families are going through touches me emotionally, even though I didn’t know the person who has passed away.  But overwhelmingly, the experience of being a funeral director is one which is fulfilling and satisfying.  We have the privilege of assisting families to say their farewell’s to the person they love.  That is an awesome honour, which I never tire of.

So the Friendly Funeral Guy® is a reframing of the way funeral directors are presented.  It reminds people that we are human.  That we are not somber, gloomy or melancholy.  Funeral directors can be happy, can laugh and have fun.  We are approachable and welcoming.  We are friendly.  I am the Friendly Funeral Guy®.

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